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Radim Hampel : Microsoft business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing
Microsoft Office Live Add-in for Office problems

Sometime last month I installed Office Add-In for Office to test new Office Live Workspace. Office workspace is a cloud document storage (based on Sharepoint internally, I guess) for uploading and sharing your documents. Office add-in allows you to work with live workspace seamlessly from office applications. With security in mind you can upload your common documents or files, you don't have to always carry them with you on flash. During the weekend I worked on some month closing company documents and I felt into deep problems. I wasn't able to work with certain type of document, specially Word couldn't even start. After couple of restarts I reinstalled Office, but without any improvement. Then I remembered of this add-in and tried to remove it. All functions went back to normal then, so apparently there is something wrong with with this add-in. Just be aware of that and if you fall into any issues with office, try to remove office live add-in first.

Zveřejněno 2. března 2009 11:43 by radim


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