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Radim Hampel : Microsoft business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing
Microsoft acquires DATAllegro

Microsoft announced that it is about to acquire DATAllegro company, owner of unique massive parallel processing(MPP) data architecture that allows to spread queries across independent servers (shared-nothing approach). MS will attempt to merge this technology with future SQL Server versions (with current 3-year long lifecycle I'm not sure how much they will invest in SQL Server 2008 adjustments, but I'd expect first outputs in 12 months or so). I'm also really interested to hear about DATAllegro technology working together with Analysis Services. I didn't find any plans about AS, but I'm wondering if AS engine is already mature enough to support this kind of MPP approach, without major changes. Second thing that comes to my mind is innovation leadership. Microsoft have clearly beaten Oracle here, but the movement towards shared-nothing architecture in high-end scenarios is obvious and Oracle is expected to do something in this area soon (probably an acquisition, too). However I hope that even this step will change the attitude of certain part of IT community that still states that "sql doesn't scale". SQL Server running 1000TB data warehouse application will help to change this attitude.

Microsoft acquires DATAllegro

Zveřejněno 27. července 2008 21:31 by radim

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